The Bmore Twinklers program is built around lessons, group classes, and performing opportunities for all students.

For families who are interested in enrolling:  

A brief preliminary period of observation is highly recommended.  In my experience, this is the best way for parents to determine if this studio and its approach are a good fit. Plan on observing at least two lessons on two separate occasions or a lesson and a group class with your child.  There is no charge for observation.  In addition, a visit to the Suzuki Association of the Americas online (click here) is recommended.

If observation is not feasible, the option of a 20 minute trial lesson is available.  The fee is $20.  Contact me through this site or via email to schedule.

A breakdown of tuition fees:

$50/hour of private tuition.  Beginners in private lessons will have a 30 minute weekly lesson, which comes to $25/lesson.

$20/group lesson.  Group lessons are lessons shared with 1 to 3 other students of a similar age and ability level.  They last between 45 and 60 minutes.  This is the ideal arrangement for preschool and kindergarten aged students.

$10-$20 per group class.  The Pre Twinkle class is a shorter period, so the charge is less ($10).  More advanced students have a longer class, so the charge is more ($20).  If siblings join the studio, their class tuition is automatically $10, regardless of class time length.


Billing is on a quarterly basis for the academic year, changing to a per-service basis during the summer, when group classes are out of session.

Instruments and materials:

Most families rent fractional size instruments through a reputable dealer, and purchase materials through an online company familiar with the Suzuki Method, such as Shar.


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