The Bmore Twinklers program is built around lessons, group classes, and performing opportunities for all students.  The following is a breakdown of tuition fees:

$50/hour of private tuition.  Beginners in private lessons will have a 30 minute weekly lesson, which comes to $25/lesson.

$20/group lesson.  Group lessons are lessons shared with 1 to 3 other students of a similar age and ability level.  They last between 45 and 60 minutes.  This is the ideal arrangement for preschool and kindergarten aged students.

$10-$20 per group class.  The Pre Twinkle class is a shorter period, so the charge is less ($10).  More advanced students have a longer class, so the charge is more ($20).  If siblings join the studio, their class tuition is automatically $10, regardless of class time length.

Billing:  Billing is on a quarterly basis for the academic year, changing to a per-service basis during the summer, when group classes are out of session.

Instruments and materials:  Most families rent fractional size instruments through a reputable dealer, and purchase materials through an online company familiar with the Suzuki Method, such as Shar.

For families who are interested in enrolling:  A brief preliminary period of observation is required.  In my experience, this is the best way for parents to determine if this studio and its approach are a good fit.  Plan on observing at least two lessons on two separate occasions with your child.  Adding the observation of a group class is highly recommended.  There is no charge for observation.  In addition, a visit to the Suzuki Association of the Americas online (click here) is recommended.

If, after completing observation, you decide to enroll your child, you have the option of scheduling at least 1 40-60 minute parent/teacher meeting.  These meetings entail useful information regarding the parent’s role as practice partner, lesson structure, and setting up home practice.

2 thoughts on “Enrolling

    • Hello Ms. Grimm, thank you for your interest. There are currently 2 Pre Twinklers enrolled in your child’s age group. Harufumi is 3, and Avery is 4. Please take a look at the calendar page and see if you and your child would be able to observe a lesson for either of these students. A minimum of 2 observations are required before enrolling. They may be either 2 lessons or a lesson and a group class, which meets on the Fridays noted on the calendar. My contact information is available on the Suzuki Association of the Americas website – please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to talk. Looking forward to hearing from you – Marion Goodrich

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